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Empowering self love 



Live your best life by taking action, breakthrough mental barriers, trauma's and pre set self beliefs by

gaining knowledge, maximum success, power in self esteem and confidence in the following subjects: 




-Health & weight loss

-Love & relationships

-Self esteem 



-Narcissistic abuse recovery 


Here at Mahalo babes it is important for us, to provide our clients with maximum support regarding their inner & outer beauty.

Life, career and health coaching is an amazing tool for #empowering self love and identifying the importance of self care. We have one life to live, so lets live it to it's fullest potential.


How do people benefit from life coaching?

  As we progress in this world full of judgment, materialistic pleasures, false perceptions of  living and appearances on social media, we all find ourselves questioning the "Why's" of life and strive for the understanding of our purpose.

 Life coaching is something now part of most people's lives, as its a chance to ground ourselves and take a look at the bigger picture, as well as maintain a happy balance in life.

 Our fast paced "Keeping up with the Jones's" mentality is so far fetched from the reality of life, that it leaves our brains extremely clouded and unforgiving of what the real root of happiness is. Which ultimately is living life with peace, being fulfilled within ourselves and having positive beliefs in achieving anything we want.

By taking a look at all angles of clients living and dissecting them, this leads to acquiring the utmost confidence, living maximum potentials and earning high levels of happiness. 


As everyone is becoming aware that life coaching is growing in popularity, the majority of successful individuals, millionaires/billionaires and celebrities have life coaches help bring these people back to reality helping get down to the most important basics that the every day life does not allow us to recall.

  Having a clear mind, priorities in line and life in an organized manner, leads to gaining a large amount of self confidence and only helps grow or attain the individuals success and happiness. Especially breaking down un serving pre set beliefs, and sub conscious mental blockers preventing personal growth.


C.L.C-certified life coach

C.H.C-certified health coach 

C.T.C -certified trauma coach

Lets change the world by loving more, judging less and supporting each other. 

Don't ever put a price on your quality of life. You can make excuses or make changes, the choice is yours. 

A little about me and my coaching objective

I am Crystal and hold a mastery certificate in life & health coaching as well as certified in E.D.M.R, NEUROLINGUSTIC PROGRAMMING, P.T.S.D, Trauma identification release, life long philosophy student and more. 

 I am a huge empath that deeply cares for people and have a very understanding persona that drives my curiosity only due to the feeling of "how can we find a solution to live our best lives". I can truly say that confidence and self beliefs have everything to do with a happy life and drives success as well as being a good person with healthy boundaries. 


My passion has always been the desire to help people, which i had done for years in the Aesthetics industry. Conversing and getting to know my clients over the years, lead me to go one step further to get proper education and get certified to help with other areas in people's lives.

 Having a lot of experience in self growth, i am confident to say that life is full of challenges and you CAN overcome them with proper guidance, motivation and neurological resets and identification. 

 Although it is through constant practice and work, as life always has it's ups and downs no matter how "together" we feel. Gaining a clear view of wanted goals and aspirations, visualization, stress management, priorities, positive mindset and a bonus gain of self confidence, only lead to the happiest most fulfilling life to live.

 Our childhood, past traumas, pre set beliefs and experiences are a condition of life, not a life sentence. 

 Going through rough patches are an opportunity to grow and learn, instead of an excuse to lead a satisfactory life and a "victim mentality" as long as you hold the tools, knowledge and want to apply it to better your life.

 It is YOUR decision on how you want to live your life so, COMMIT, RE CONFIGURE YOUR BELIEFS, DECIDE TO CHANGE AND TAKE ACTION. If you find yourself ...

  • in a "rut", 
  • unsure of what you want out of life
  • find yourself lost after parenthood 
  • low self worth or confidence 
  • toxic dating patterns
  • constantly living a "people pleasing life style"
  • wanting to loose weight or live a healthier life
  • have unhealthy habits or coping mechanisms
  • struggle with anxiety or depression
  • lost or even feeling simply unfulfilled...Then coaching is the perfect step to take.   

My programs are completely customizable, working on any areas in need of enhancement, trauma release, change or growth and here are some examples:

  • the practice and program of positive thinking
  • non judgmental advice and accountability for your true values
  • abundant encouragement coaching
  • self love and forgiveness
  • career outlooks/dissection/planning
  • prioritizing life's importance
  • mind and negative self belief resets, through neurolinguistic programming
  • sessions for trauma related blockers or P.T.S.D
  • narcissistic abuse recovery
  • setting health goals and providing tools, for sustainable weight loss with eating the correct foods, and proper movement routines.
  • setting goals on how to find what your "wants" and "needs" are in life and set action plans.
  • taking a look on how your career or volunteering lifestyle is serving you by revealing your purposes and level of satisfaction
  • gaining self confidence/self worth through figuring out the "why" in any mental blocks.
  • asses the realization on what makes "YOU" happy and fulfilled
  • kicking the approval of others and being a people pleaser.
  • gaining good habits, replacing the bad
  • identifying attachment styles in relationships and why
  • teen coaching (a very light session) on how to gain confidence, learn about how to care about their own thoughts and feelings over others. learn the reality of social media and proper self care
  • and much more


-included in all packages multiple worksheets, 

-tools on how to adjust your life to its maximum potential 

-information guides and handouts

-tools for success

-action steps 

*Bonus sheet on 10 steps to practice self-care

6 weeks start up  

6- 1 hour sessions 

12 week transformation package

12- 1 hour sessions 

(also includes)

1- Mahalo babe facial

1- Steps to better skin guide

6 week big sis program for young adults and teens 

6- 1 hour sessions 

-social media awareness (the pros/cons and how a lot of it is misleading)

-self esteem/confidence building exercises


-setting healthy boundaries with friends/peers/relationships

-setting pre set beliefs on who and who not to surround yourself with and why

-teaching positive mindset, capabilities, strengths and passions to pursue for the present and future

-tips on self care/skincare

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